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Modulator Refill - Minor Wound Module

Modulator Refill - Minor Wound Module

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Modulator Trauma Kit - Minor Wound Module Refill


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The Minor Wound Module is a comprehensive kit designed for effective and efficient treatment of minor wounds. This carefully curated selection of supplies ensures readiness for various minor injury scenarios:

25 AeroPlast Premium Fabric X-Wide Strip 3in x 1in (AFP60125): Extra-wide fabric strips for larger wound coverage.

25 AeroPlast Plastic Strip 2.8 x 0.7in (AP10125): Standard size plastic strips for minor cuts.

12 AeroPlast Premium Fabric Fingertip & Knuckle Dressings (AFP312): Specially designed for wounds on fingertips and knuckles.

2 AeroForm Conforming Bandage 2in x 4.3yds (AF50): Flexible bandages for securing dressings on wounds.

1 AeroSupplies Forceps Steel 3.5in (AF9): Precision forceps for wound cleaning and dressing.

5 AeroProbe Splinter Probes 1.4in (ASP100): For safe and easy removal of splinters.

30 AeroWipe Antiseptic Wipe 5in x 7in (AW8001): Cleanses wounds to prevent infection.

10 Alcohol Wipe 1.25in x 1.25in (AW7001): For initial wound cleaning and disinfection.

2 AeroGlove Nitrile Gloves Large (AGNPF02): Ensures safe and hygienic handling during first aid.

1 AeroPlast Transparent Tape 1inx5.5yd (AT25): Secures dressings firmly in place.

1 AeroPad Low Adherent Dressing 2in x 3in (APD57550BS): For wound coverage without sticking to the wound.

2 AeroPad Gauze Pad 4in x 4in (APG1050BSUS): Absorbent pads for larger wounds.

4 AeroPad Gauze Pad 3in x 3in (APG7550BS): Versatile gauze pads for various wound sizes.

2 AeroPad Gauze Pad 2in x 2in (APG550BSUS): Smaller pads for minor injuries.

1 AeroGuide First Aid Guide (AGG001): Comprehensive guide for proper wound care.

25 AeroSoothe Triple Antibiotic 0.5g (ASTA05US): Prevents bacterial growth on wounds.

20 AeroCleanse Hand Sanitizer 0.9g (ACG10US): For hand sanitation before and after wound care.

1 AeroWound Combine Dressing 5in x 9in (ACD1223S): Large absorbent dressing for significant wound care.

1 AeroWound Finger Dressing (AWF002): Specifically designed for finger injuries.

1 Minor Wound Zippered Bag (6003BG): Conveniently houses all supplies, ensuring easy accessibility and portability.

This Minor Wound Module is an indispensable addition to any first aid kit, workplace, school, or home, providing the essentials needed to address a variety of minor wounds effectively.


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