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Surefill® 25 Series Vehicle Kit ANSI 2021 A First Aid Kit – Red Translucent Case

Surefill® 25 Series Vehicle Kit ANSI 2021 A First Aid Kit – Red Translucent Case

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ANSI 2021 compliant First Aid Kid with Red Translucent case.

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Surefill® 25 Series Translucent Red First Aid Kit is designed to cater for small to medium sized workplaces and includes quality first aid products required to treat injured workers so they are able to return to the job. These durable cases ensure contents are protected from the day to day exposure to dust and damage.

ABN10 AeroBand™ Triangular Bandage 43in x 43in x 61in 1
ABD10 AeroBurn™ Burn Dressing 4in x 4in 1
AB0905B AeroBurn™ Burn Gel Packets 10
ACG09US AeroCleanse™ Hand Sanitizer 0.9g 10
AF50 AeroForm™ Conforming Gauze Bandage 2in x 4.3yds 1
AGNPF02 AeroGlove™ Nitrile Gloves 4
AGG001 AeroGuide™ First Aid Guide 1
ASC11US AeroInstrument™ Scissors 1
AFP11 AeroInstrument™ Tweezers 1
AeroKit™ 25 Series Case 1
AEP1S AeroPad™ Eye Pad 2
APG75 AeroPad™ Gauze Pad 3in x 3in 2
AT12 AeroPlast™ Adhesive Tape 1/2in x 5.5 yds 1
AII3000 AeroPlast™ Instant Ice Pack 1
AP10125 AeroPlast™ Plastic Strip Bandage 3/4in x 3in 25
ATB213 AeroRescue™ Thermal Blanket 1
AFS001US AeroShield™ CPR Face Shield 1
ASTA05US AeroSoothe™ Triple Antibiotic 0.5g 10
ACA10 AeroSwab™ Cotton Tip Applicators 10
AW1000US AeroWash™ Eyewash 0.5oz 2
AW7010 AeroWipe™ Alcohol Wipes 3
AW8010 AeroWipe™ Antiseptic Wipes 20
ACD1223S AeroWound™ Wound Pad 5in x 9in 2
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